Profhilo Gone Wrong: Profhilo Side Effects

Today, we look into the real Profhilo side effects and the topic of Profhilo gone wrong.

We get it! You’re on the fence, and now you’re looking for horror stories on bio-remodelling injectables like Profhilo treatment.

So let’s get into it! Can Profhilo go wrong?

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There are a number of things that can go wrong with any injectable treatment. That could be on the face, neck or any area on the body; here we find all the possible problems with bio remodelling treatments.

Profhilo Lumps

You’ve probably heard about lumps! This is extremely normal and usually only the size of a mosquito bite.

They don’t happen to everyone, but they are common.

How long does it take for Profhilo lumps to go down? Expect them to last 4-6 hours (or even up to 24hrs).

If the Profhilo lumps are not going down, don’t panic.

Simply contact the clinic where you got your treatment done and send them a photo.

Profhilo Didn’t Work For Me

Alright alright, this isn’t a gone wrong story, but it is a common concern considering the treatment price and the Profhilo cost.

Bio Remodelling treatments take time to work, and you may not notice an immediate change like you do with dermal fillers.

It takes time for the special hyaluronic acid to work its magic and get your body into collagen and elastin production mode.

You will need two treatments spaced one month apart to get the full result.

Problems with Profhilo

There are very few problems with Profhilo, but it’s always important to remember that any injection can cause an infection or some type of redness or swelling.

If you have sensitive skin, you can request the clinic to use a mild numbing cream to make it a more pleasant experience.

Under Eye Profhilo Gone Wrong

One area of concern for people is the tear trough or under-eye area. With traditional fillers, the filler will be injected quite deep, adding volume to the area.

With Profhilo, it won’t be injected as deep and will spread evenly throughout the skin.

If you experience any problems such as lumps or infections, you can contact the clinic where you got the treatment done.

With Profhilo treatments being hyaluronic acid (which is a naturally occurring substance), things are always reversible in a worst-case scenario.

Profhilo Swelling

Swelling after any cosmetic injectable treatment is possible (as well as bruising).

If you experience any visible signs of swelling, it will normally settle down within 24-72 hours.

If you experience bruising or swelling longer than this, or things are getting worse, contact the clinic where you got your treatment done and ask for their professional advice.

Allergic Reaction

An allergic reaction is very uncommon with Profhilo and dermal filler treatments as the body naturally makes hyaluronic acid. If you think you’re having an allergic reaction, contact your doctor immediately.


This is the scary one that we all fear the most!

Don’t worry; this should never happen and is only a risk for people trying to save a few dollars by looking for a way to cut corners and do injections from home with unqualified friends.

Always get the treatment done at an authorised clinic to avoid any risk of injection error.

Injecting it into the wrong place could block blood flow and blood vessels, which means bad news.

Verdict: Is Profhilo Safe?

Yes! With the TGA approving this bio-remodelling injectable treatment in Australia in 2022, Profhilo treatment is as safe as any other injectable like a dermal filler or Botox.

Think of it like a high-concentration injectable moisturiser for your skin.

You’ll love the benefits, and after your first treatment is injected, you’ll be lining up for your second treatment.

Summary of Bio Remodelling Side Effects

This form of injectable hyaluronic acid improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, ageing skin, skin laxity, skin texture and skin hydration.

Patients find facial treatments that have collagen-building effects well worth a few hours of redness on the cheeks from the small injection sites.

Risks with Profhilo are minimal, but as a general rule, always do your research and talk to qualified doctors and trusted experts in your area before any injectable treatments.

To find a trusted service provider in your area, check out the clinics on our Bio Remodelling Profhilo Locations page.

Profhilo Cost: Australia

Profhilo Cost: Australia