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Welcome to Bio Remodelling Australia

We are your expert source for all information regarding bio-remodelling injections. Whether you’re looking for basic information on how it works or a clinic to get the treatment done, we can help you.

See how bio-remodelling injections are better than traditional dermal filler.

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Bio Remodelling Injections Benefits

With treatment only approved in Australia in 2022, you may not realise what makes this skin tissue treatment so special.

Collagen and Elastin Production

Boosting collagen and elastin production is one of the most significant benefits of bio-remodelling. By stimulating skin cells you get a natural-looking and rejuvenated look on the entire skin surface.

Cross-Linked Hyaluronic Acid

A special form of high and low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid that is different to derma fillers as it produces a non-filling effect combined with stimulating collagen and elastin. Get immediate skin hydration.


Better Than Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are designed to add volume to the face and effectively fill parts of the face lacking facial volume. This can sometimes look unnatural. Bio remodelling injections do not add volume and look 100% natural.

Minimally Invasive Treatment

Treatment consists of 5 injections to the face where the cross-linked hyaluronic acid is added. This dispurses throughout the rest of the skin and improves overall skin quality.

Improves Skin Laxity, Firmness & Elasticity

People report improvements in skin laxity, firmness, elasticity and overall nicer and radiant-looking skin texture.

<30min Treatment Time

This cosmetic injectables treatment takes less than 30mins, and the downtime is less than 24 hours. Get it done in the afternoon, and you’ll be fresh and ready to go the next day.

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